AJ The Great

An archive from the past

This is a snapshot of AJ The Great's website from 2005.

I have been in magic since a kid of about 8 years old. Now about 7 years have passed since I first got interested in magic. My beginning was actually luck. My small brother had received a magic set as his birthday gift, but he never used it, so I one day, I opened it and read one of the three books in side it, and saw the gimmicks and gaffs, and props, and I was impressed! i got hooked. I did almost every trick in that set, and even had a small show for two friends after a year or so.     Then I started concentrating on other things, like web designing, programming, etc. During my other work, recently about 3 years ago, I found MagicVideoDepot, a very good site for magic videos, and the forums are unbeatable. From thereon, I started taking interest in professional magic and sleight of hand. 
My Favorites:
Magician - David Copperfield
Author - Paul Harris, Ted Annemann
Card Trick - Biddle Trick
Coin Trick - Coin vanish and reappear routine
Card Sleight - Ascanio Spread
Coin Sleight - Classic Palm
Book - Annemann's Card magic, Closeup Fantasies

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